Thursday, March 12, 2009

Perry Rejects Unemployment Funds, KBH Denounces Decision

Gov. Perry has decided to reject $555 million in unemployment insurance funds for Texas. Many, including Texas Democratic Party Chair Boyd Richie, have (unsurprisingly) describes Perry's move as political posturing.
From Elise Hu's KVUE blog, here is Kay Bailey Hutchison's reaction:
I hope that the Governor has carefully thought through the potential outcomes of today's decision. With the state unemployment fund dangerously close to falling below the legal threshold, it is imperative that the Governor does nothing that potentially burdens small businesses with higher taxes in tough economic times or pushes those who have recently become unemployed and their families into further economic peril," said Hutchison, in a statement.

What do you think of Perry's decision? Tell us in the comments.


Dijea said...

I agree with Kay on this.

Rick G said...

I don't. What does she think is going to happen when the Federal money runs out and the state is on the hook for the obligation that comes with accepting the money in the first place? Is money going to fall from the sky at that point? Or are taxes going to have to be raised to continue the mandated program??

David said...

It has been interesting to read comments from readers on the blog and on twitter. It has certainly been mixed, but there is no doubt that the most vocal have been supportive of Perry. Take that for what its worth (which may not be much) ...

Rob Reedy said...

This is an ever- changing environment, and what may be strings attached right now, could be seen as lifelines later on. I emphatically disagree with Perry... but then, I am one of those "unemployed - through no fault of his own."

My opinion- I side with Kay, and am NOT happy with Perry's posturing.