Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Difference between Perry & Hutchison on Unemployment?

Yesterday's speeches by both the Senator and Governor made several of us scratch our heads about where each stood on the subject of stimulus funding for unemployment.

Click here for a link to the Houston Chronicle's video interview with Senator Hutchison at yesterday's Texas Daily Newspapers Association meeting.

Senator Hutchison would be wise to understand that nearly one million Texan's are out of work. With funds for the Texas Workforce Commission expected to become insolvent within six months, this issue should be a high priority. If the Senator were to clearly set herself apart from Governor Perry's outright rejection based on the claim that the State's legislature has opposed the type of unemployment insurance coverage required by the federal stimulus bill, she could probably jump up in the polls a bit.

With so much media attention on this issue, its clear that the November 2, 2010 gubernatorial election in Texas is going to be interesting. Only 587 more days to go...

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