Sunday, October 25, 2009

Kay Must Decide, says new Texas GOP Chair and Perry supporter Cathie Adams

W. Gardner Selby at the Austin American-Statesman reported today that "Cathie Adams of Dallas, who also said she won't be withdrawing her earlier endorsement of GOP Gov. Rick Perry's re-election, said her hope that Hutchison acts on the resignation issue reflects concern among party activists waiting for Hutchison's decision before setting their own political plans or making political commitments."
"It would help the people of the state of Texas to know more clearly, especially by (the candidate filing deadline of) Jan. 4," Adams said, "because if she resigns after that, we're going to throw things into quite an unknown."
Selby also reports that, "Adams told reporters it would be impossible for her to withdraw her earlier endorsement of Perry for another term."

There are 39 days remaining until the Filing Period begins. Perhaps Senator Hutchison will soon reveal her plans for the future to all of us. Several folks have been puzzled by the lack of information and action coming out of Team Kay. You'd thought that she would have publicized the sale of her Washington, DC home; instead we're all wondering what's going on?!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Gov. Perry won't rule out a 2nd attempt at Texas-Trans Corridor

Phillip Martin at BOR just released a transcript and provided a link to a YouTube video of Governor Perry earlier today stating that he wouldn't not rule out a Texas-Trans Corridor No. 2.

Question: "Would Proposition 11 prevent future Trans-Texas corridors from seizing private land."

: "This is where a government entity can take a piece of property and hand it over to a private developer for development, to enhance tax revenues. When we're building highways in the state of Texas, that still stays the sovreign land of the state of Texas. So when the next road that's built in the state of Texas and there's eminent domain [unclear word] that goes into place..."

Regardless, the fact that Perry was asked -- rather point blank -- about whether or not the constitutional amendment prohibits future Trans-Texas Corridors, and ducked the question, is newsworthy.
The link to the YouTube video is