Monday, March 16, 2009

Perry Campaign Uses Robo Calls to Push Supporters to Committee Hearing UPDATED

After showcasing the power of its email list last week in the Voter ID battle, the Perry campaign is once again flexing its muscle in support of legislation.

This time, Perry is rallying anti-bailout supporters to attend a House Select Committee hearing at UT-Arlington.

From the Ft Worth Star-Telegram:
Beginning with a "Howdy, this is Gov. Rick Perry," the governor's latest robocall encourages those who think like him on this issue to show up and testify at a special hearing at the University of Texas at Arlington tomorrow.

"I'm sorry I missed you but this Saturday you will have the chance to voice your frustration about the federal stimulus and the heavy cost it's going to place on Texans," Perry says in the call.

The Select Federal Economic Stabilization Funding Committee is holding the UT-A hearing to accept public testimony on the stimulus money. Local lawmakers are expected to attend. The committee was created to provide oversight on the billions coming to Texas from the stimulus package.

Perry already started an anti-bailout campaign website and his campaign will certainly continue to attack Hutchison for her past support of bailouts.

LISTEN TO THE AUDIO OF GOV. PERRY'S ROBOCALL, from the Ft Worth Star Telegram.

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