Monday, March 16, 2009

New Poll: Hutchison 36, Perry 30

A new poll from the University of Texas Government Department shows Kay Bailey Hutchison with a smaller lead and has many more undecided voters than previous voters.

Among respondents who said they intended to vote in the Republican primary in 2010, probable candidate US Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison led Governor Rick Perry 36%-30%, with 11% saying they would support someone else and a substantial 24% undecided . (The Democratic field had not taken shape at the time the survey was designed.)

Due to the margin of error, this poll shows that the race is essentially tied. Of course, this far out, it is difficult to put too much stock in polling.

Read the rest of the polling report (pdf)

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Grant McClure said...

There are two things that surprise me about these numbers. One, I thought Hutchison would have more than an 8% difference from Perry. And two, almost a quarter of those polled were undecided. (That's 3X Hutchison's lead.) Yes, we're more than a year out, but that still caught me off guard.