Sunday, February 22, 2009

Perry Blasts Hutchison at Travis County GOP Event

From the Statesman:
Perry, who generally insists he's focused on the legislative session, mentioned Washington 10 times in 24 minutes, injecting praise just once by noting President Barack Obama's peaceful inauguration.

Rosemary Edwards, who chairs the Travis County GOP, said Perry's barbs could have been intended for anyone in Congress.

Yet Perry framed his pops by comparing state Republicans who balanced the budget without tax increases in 2003 with unnamed people who run as conservatives but govern like Democrats in the nation's capital. That's a contrast he wants to push against Hutchison.

Our nation's founders, Perry said, could never fathom leaders centralizing power in a sprawling federal government, possible references to last year's Wall Street bailout (supported by Hutchison) and spending in Obama's economic stimulus plan that she, like Perry, has questioned.

Perry said of federal spending: "I can't imagine what Texas would look like if we had applied the same principles and the same decision-making in Texas that they're applying in Washington.

It is abundantly clear that Rick Perry intends to attach Kay Bailey Hutchison to everything that is wrong with Washington. Question is, will it work?

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