Monday, May 4, 2009

Job Security: Perry's Appointees reportedly contribute Millions

Wanna show the boss that you like him and hope to keep your job? Better pay up. Matt Stiles at the Houston Chronicle reports today that, "The appointees have given about $4.9 million since Perry became governor in late 2000, with the average donation topping $7,000."
Gov. Rick Perry has accepted nearly $5 million in political campaign donations from people he appointed to state boards and commissions, including some in plum jobs that set policy for state universities, parks and roads, records show.

Nearly half the appointee donations came from people serving as higher education regents, including more than $840,000 from those at the University of Texas System, according to a Houston Chronicle review of campaign-finance records.

Stiles' article includes the following link to see a list of top contributors with State Jobs:

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